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No one is greedier than I am. I’m sure no one desires another as strongly as I do.

Yokozawa Takafumi No Baai Theme Song: 優しい軌跡 (Yasashii Kiseki) - 喜多修平 (Shuhei Kita)
それはとても優しい奇跡 It's a sweet memento.

Lyric Translation [x]

110 ban wa uketsukemasen

110 ban wa uketsukemasen

Shippers: How can I stop loving sebaci-
Sebaciel: You can't.

Art by さくRate and/or fav the artist!~


Art by さく
Rate and/or fav the artist!~

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Takano Masamune & Onodera Ritsu  Favorite Kisses.

You know, I’m seriously in love with you. So… don’t run away.

Tiger & Bunny XXX


"What is it called when a pairing is almost canon?"

"Sports anime." 



ザンスク4 | artist しろう

ザンスク4 | artist しろう